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With a symbolic picture of Pakida, Mammootty teases the audience, saying, “Two days until Bramayugam.”

<p>Bramayugam, the highly awaited horror-drama film, stars Mammootty, the megastar of Malayalam cinema, and director Rahul Sadasivan, who are prepared to send chills down the spine of the audience.</p>
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<p>Mammootty teased the impending excitement for audiences with a symbolic poster depicting a game of Pakida, two days before the film’s February 15 theatrical release.</p>
<p>The developers have released a 2:38 minute clip that gives viewers a peek into the spooky realm of “Bramayugam.” The video begins with a scene showing a guy soundly dozing off in his hut before taking an unexpected turn and showing him below an enigmatic rock. As the story progresses, Mammootty’s persona—who lives in a house full of mysterious and wonderful details—is revealed. The teaser shows Mammootty playing Pakida with the guy, but as the narrative goes on, it becomes clear that the man is caught in a confusing time loop and that Mammootty’s persona is the key to solving the puzzles.<br />
The author and director of “Bramayugam,” which has an ensemble cast that includes Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, and Amalda Liz, is Rahul Sadasivan. The movie promises to be an engrossing combination of drama and terror that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.</p>

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